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Monday, April 18, 2011

Quick update

Wow, no time to blog!  :)

When JJ does take a nap during the day...which is random, and when it does happen, short...I take advantage of the time by doing laundry, washing dishes or taking a little snooze myself.

But right now he's snoozing in his (vibrating) bouncy seat, and even though I should go wash the dishes, I feel like sitting instead.  So a quick update!

JJ is doing really well.  He almost always gives me at least a 5-hour stretch between feedings at night.  A couple times he went 7 hours, hoping that picks back up again!  The awesome thing is after he eats in the middle of the night, I can burp him and put him right back in his bassinet with no problem.  I hope that keeps up!  He eats every 2 hours during the day.  A little limiting as to what I can do, where I can go, but he's so worth it.  :)  Yesterday Daddy got to give him a bottle and he did really well with it!

During the day JJ likes to stay awake.  He has developed his fussy time in the evenings.  Sometimes we can calm him down, sometimes we can't.  But I don't really mind so much, because he does so well at night.  He's a pooping and peeing machine!

Sometimes he likes his swing and bouncy seat, sometimes he doesn't.  Sometimes he's content to lay on his boppy, sometimes he's not.  He can almost always be calmed by being held and talked to.  He loves to make noises (John thinks he's trying to say Dada!) and just stare at us.  He hates having his diaper changed and is not a fan of tubby time.

JJ does love riding in the long as we don't stop for too long!  He also really likes going for walks.  John thinks he loves when Zoe licks him...I just think he tolerates it.

He's definiely getting bigger, and is already out-growing some clothes!  Time is flying, as I knew it would, and we love him more everyday!

More later, the munchkin is awake!


Rachel said...

JJ is so adorable! I hope he continues to be such a good sleeper at night!

Catherine said...

so great to hear, Lynn! what a precious face that little guy has! praying more nice weather your way so JJ can have more walks with his mom :)