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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

tlc not required

I inherited my mother's (not so) green thumb.  Actually, I think I may be worse at growing things than she is.  Luckily she gifted me a couple years ago with a Christmas cactus.  Low maintenance.  Just water it every couple of weeks.  No problem!

Well, sometime around this past Christmas my cactus started to bloom.  I had truly been ignoring it.  Maybe watering it every month.  Maybe.  As soon as it started blooming I decided to start taking care of it.  I probably watered it twice a week and kept checking on the pretty pink blooms.

And what happened?  The blooms turned to mush and fell off.  Never blossomed.  Died from lack of too much care.  Go figure.

Now, here we are again.  My Christmas cactus is beginning to bloom.  As soon as I saw the tiny pink buds I had to fight the urge to dump water on the plant.  But I've been staying firm in my every-other-week watering.  And it's paying off!

The beautiful bloom is beginning to blossom!  (Pardon the alliteration...)

And there are other smaller blooms as well.

I don't know how this speaks to my mothering abilties, the fact that I do best with things requiring little attention.  Worries me a tad...


Jonnie Fry said...

I have a Christmas cactus at my parents and it took a long time before it bloomed and when it did, it was gorgeous and my mom had to split it several times it got so large. :)

Lynn said...

I hope mine gets big enough to split! It is getting so pretty...can't wait till it opens up completely!

Kristi said...

I have been looking for one. My parents had one for the longest time. The flowers are gorgeous.