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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Weekend with the Boys!

A few weeks ago Dave & Amy took a quick trip to Florida to pick up a new mini-van. My parents watched the boys for a couple days, then it was our turn! I had SO much fun! Caleb and Zachary settled right in at our house and we had a great time! John had the great idea to show Caleb the firetrucks at Carman, so we took a little trip down there. Caleb LOVED it!

This is a picture of Caleb ringing the bell on the front of the firetruck. He laughed so hard!

Caleb got to sit in every firetruck, and he tried to push/turn all the knobs and everything!

This is a picture of Zach and I enjoying the firehouse! And Caleb & Zach sitting on the back of a firetruck: Caleb got to sit at Uncle John's desk and Uncle John gave him a duckie, an arm band and 2 pins.

Here's a few other shots from the firehouse that I really liked!

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