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Saturday, April 18, 2009

More of our Weekend with the Boys!

Caleb & Zachary are really SUCH good kids. They slept well, we played alot, and they ate a lot, too! I didn't get pictures of everything we did, but I did get some! John was working when they first came over, so I took the boys outside to play! Zach was in his stroller and Caleb was in his ride-on car that I can push. I took turns pushing the boys around the yard, and they loved it! When I was pushing Caleb I would go fast and he would laugh and laugh, then Zoe would start running and jumping next to us and he would laugh even harder!! I put a blanket out on the ground and Caleb sat there for awhile playing with his cars.

Then it was naptime! Amy worked hard to get the boys schedules in sync. They both take an afternoon nap together! It was nice, because then I could get stuff done. :) It's a lot of work taking care of 2 boys!

Sunday we went to church together, the 4 of us! I was in the nursery with Zach a lot of the time, and John & Caleb sat in church. Caleb was so good! He just played quietly with his cars and had a snack! We got a Happy Meal for lunch, then the boys played for awhile. Then it was naptime again! And shortly after that Mommy & Daddy came back!

The weekend flew by for me...I was so busy, but it was so fun! I hope we can do it again sometime. Here are some more pictures from the weekend!

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