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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Once, Twice, Three times a baby!

One test wasn't enough to prove it to myself. Or my hubby. But it's for real! I decided to take a test on the morning of our anniversary, November 10th. Boy, was I shocked when it came back positive! It was the longest day of my life while I waited for John to get home from work. I wrapped up the digital test that said "Pregnant" and gave it to John with the other gifts I'd gotten him. He was so surprised! Then we both just kind of sat there in shock! We waited until yesterday to tell our family, so now the secret's out. Can't keep something that exciting a secret for long! This grandbaby will be the 4th on my side, and the 1st on John's! Our parents are all very excited.

I'm figuring my due date to be around July 18th. Yay, a hot summer pregnancy. :) That's ok. I'm just so happy to be having a baby! It actually doesn't feel real right now. Except when I'm feeling extra queasy, which seems to be mainly in the afternoon and at night. Our baby will be 4 months younger than Christine's baby girl due in March, 1 year younger than Zachary and about 2 1/2 years younger than Caleb! I'm excited that they'll all be close...and I'm sure there will be many more babies to come. :)
PS> I also took 2 more tests after those 3. :) I like to be positive.


Kristen said...

YIPPEE!! I'm SO happy for you guys! Are you sure 3 tests was enough? Don't you want to take another and another and another???

Lynn said...

I actually took a total of 5 over a few days. :) We're so happy too!! Thanks!