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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


  • sometimes September feels quite a bit like January to me...a fresh start, new goals, exciting ideas to tackle...I suppose this comes from working a job with a September-August calendar.
  • potty training...isn't happening yet.  the potty and underwear have been purchased.  somebody needs to get on the ball.  *cough*JJ*cough*
  • grace.  given to me.  how can I not then turn and give it myself?
  • sometimes rising early is worth it for the quiet and peace.
  • positivity breeds positivity.  and I love positivity.
  • sometimes it scares me to think of the world my child is growing up in.  when I feel that way, I stop and pray.  I pray that he will be kind.  that he will be good.  and that he will always put Jesus first.
  • cicadas are gross and I'm glad they hide for 17 years.  and they can continue to live while missing most of their body.  don't ask me how I know this.
  • the end.

photo of the summer!

where did this big boy come from?!?

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