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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

.time for bed.

This is the part where I say, Wow, what a bad blogger I am!  I can't believe it's been 6 months since I last posted!  Now I'm turning over a new leaf, yada, yada, yada...)

Best time of day for me?  Reading to and rocking with JJ before bed.  Especially lately - he's turned into quite the little snuggler!  There are a few books we vary between, but almost always in the mix is Time for Bed.

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Anyway, this book, always in the line up.  Very simple - each page is a different animal, a Mom and Baby, talking about how it's time for bed.  ("It's time for bed little mouse little mouse, darkness is falling all over the house.")
He's always liked the book, points out the moon, the stars, makes the animals noises.  But lately he's started doing the cutest thing.  When we turn each page he quickly points to the bigger of the 2 animals and says, "Mama!"  I say, "Yes, that's the Mama (insert animal here)."  He then quickly points to the smaller animal and says, "JJ!"  I then say, "Yes, that's the JJ!"  It is too adorable and something I never want to forget.  I also never want to forget the way he turns around on my lap when book time is over and snuggles in for some rocking time.  Sometimes I sing, sometimes it's quiet, sometimes I talk about what we did that day.  Special times. 

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