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Friday, July 16, 2010

Lessons Learned

I learned some things on our last vacation.

First and arguably foremost is this: GPS is a wonderful tool.  Unless you're driving into New York City.  Through tunnels.  Under 5 layers of bridges.  GPS (at least my GPS) doesn't handle that well.  It gets a little confused.  Then the GPS handler (read: me) takes on major attitude from the car handler (read: John).  GPS is great, but next time we'll be printing out the directions as well.

I also learned that Canadians aren't as rude as you all make them out to be.  Kidding!!  What I really mean to say is...all the people we met in Canada were super nice!  And Canada sure is a pretty place.

I relearned what I relearn every vacation with John: we are complete opposites as far as sleep/wake schedules go.  I am so used to going to bed at a (semi) decent hour and getting up (very) early for work.  John is used to working odd hours, many times overnight.  He likes to stay up really late and sleep in.  So by 11pm on the cruise, I was ready to turn in.  And he would have slept till noon if I didn't wake him!  It's okay, we make it work.  :)

Another lesson learned was that I will never play ping pong or chess with my husband again.  I will lose every time, and he will continue to remind me of it for years to come.  (Miniature golf, on the other hand, is my forte.  I beat him at battleship, too.)

I learned that even on a ship filled with almost 5,000 people:
  • you can always find a lull in the burrito bar line
  • you will see the hairy chest contest winner at least twice a day
  • ice cream (somehow) never runs out
  • you'll always find someone (annoying) who reminds you of someone at home
  • there's never a shortage of chocolate melting cakes
  • you can feel as if it's just you and your husband on a romantic getaway
And I learned that getting back into real life pretty much sucks.

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Anonymous said...

LOL find a person (annoying) that reminds you of someone at home hahaha